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    DEUTZ (Dalian) Engine Co. Ltd was co-invested by DEUTZ AG (the founder of diesel engines in the world) in Germany and FAW (the leading company of China auto industry) in China.

    The company owned three product platforms (series C, E and D) with power range from 27 to 225 kilowatt; the products are edge-cutting, high efficient, economic and environment friendly, which makes it an ideal engine for Generator Set.

 By virtue of world-class brand effects, R & D system, manufacturing system, power platform, profit making and market strategy, the company commits itself to fully meet the diverse needs of customers domestic and abroad.

1.   With unit pump structure proven by European market in 15 years, stable performance, low maintenance costs, simultaneous production with the Europe, acquired German product certification.

2.   The minimum fuel consumption at full load reaches the world advanced level.

3.   Big torque reserve coefficient, reliable and durable, good power performance, less diesel engine parts.

4.   Low noise meets the standards without any aids.

5.   Compact and simple structure, small size, easy to maintain, 80% of the maintenance points are concentrated in the “maintenance side” of the diesel engine.

6.   Partswith high commonality and serialization, various options for customers tochoose.

7.   Compatible with any fuel, unit pump structure adapting to low-quality fuel, low cost spareparts.

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